JUST, Institute featured on Huffington Post

In an article recently featured on The Huffington Post Blog, Lance Hosey, Chief Sustainability Officer at RTKL, advocates for the building industry use its immense global impact as a force for social good. In Material Justice, Hosey referenced the September 26 launch of JUST™ as a pivotal first step in what need to be an industry-wide focus on meeting not only the economic and environmental aspects of the triple bottom line approach to sustainable business, but also the social aspect. In the article, Hosey offers:
"To call attention to these [social justice] issues, the building industry needs new standards of evaluation that more thoroughly consider the circumstances of production. We can ensure a humane environment and equitable wages for workers by monitoring the entire stream of production, from procurement of raw materials to fabrication of building components to on-site installation.

JUST is a good start. But now we need a global strategy to leverage the entire building industry in ways that are most beneficial to those most in need."

Through JUST, our new social justic transparency platform and labeling program, the International Living Future Institute seeks to shed light on how companies, both in the building industry and beyond, treat their workers and where they make their investments. Through JUST companies that embrace a relationship of reciprocal trust with their consumers, can receive the recognition they deserve as pioneers for transparency, fairness and equity."