Frequently Asked Questions

The JUST Program is a program of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) a leading global think-tank dedicated to the transformation of society to a world that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.

The program is open to all types of organizations including, but not limited to, for-profit businesses and non-profits, educational institutions, government agencies, public and privately traded companies, trade unions, cooperative businesses and family-owned businesses anywhere in the world. If an organization has five or more employees – it should have a JUST Label.

Contact us and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

The JUST goals are:
• to elevate the discussion around social justice in all organizations,
• to create a common language for social justice issues,
• to elevate the causes of those individuals who lead these issues,
• to change the policies and practices of thousands of organizations worldwide, and
• to make life better for people from all walks of life.

There is an initial $100 USD fee to register your organization on the JUST website. Once your organization has submitted the registration fee, you will be able to begin uploading policies and data for each of the indicators.
Once your organization has completed the data submission process and wish to receive the JUST Label, the JUST Program Fee is due. The Program Fee is based on number of full time employees. The JUST Label is valid for two years after publication. Organizations can update and renew their JUST Label fee at any time up to the expiration date for a renewal fee which is set at 50% of the JUST Program Fee. The updated JUST Label will also be valid for two years from date of publication.

Number of Employees Fee
5 - 25 $500
25 - 50 $1,000
50 - 100 $2,000
100 - 500 $3,500
500 - 1000 $5,000
1,000 - 5,000 $10,000
5,000 - 10,000 $15,000
10,000 + $25,000

An organization can choose to opt out of a maximum of three indicators but no more than one indicator in any one of the six categories. The International Living Future Institute highly recommends that all organizations submits policies and data for all indicators to meet the spirit and intent of the program.

The JUST Program demonstrates an organization’s commitment to social justice and equity issues referenced by the information provided for every category and indicator in the JUST metrics. The JUST Label can be used by an organization on their website, internal communications, annual reports, corporate social responsibility reports, posters and in marketing materials to show commitment and public transparency on these issues. We think the benefits are obvious and happy to discuss further.

The JUST Label does not constitute an endorsement, verification, or certification from the International LIVING FUTURE Institute. Instead, the JUST Label is granted solely through our permission and reflects the integrity and transparency of the organization that submitted its information on the social justice indicators. Organizations may not use the JUST label without registering and posting all information in our publicly viewable database.

An organization can use the JUST Label after it provides all of the required information for the JUST Program, pays the registration and program fee and receives confirmation of use from the Institute.

An organization can and should update any of its information with the JUST Program on an ongoing basis so it is current and accurately reflects its involvement in the JUST Label social justice and equity indicators. An organization must pay a renewal fee when the JUST Label has been updated to reflect current policies and organizational data. The JUST Label must be updated at a minimum of two years from the date of initial publication.

All of an organization’s submitted information is maintained in the JUST Program’s publicly viewable database. It is important to understand that the label is merely the summary of performance. In the spirit of transparency all submitted information is posted in viewable but non-editable format. Because the JUST website is viewable by all, organizations are asked not to submit any confidential or sensitive information.

Use of the JUST label can be revoked for any reason and at any time by ILFI. That said, ILFI does not intend to revoke labels unless there is substantive reasons to do so. Typically these reasons include:
a) information that clarifies that information provided is patently false or inaccurate
b) use of the JUST Label that is in conflict with our branding and marketing guidelines for fair use of the label. (see the branding and marketing guide lines in the appendix of the JUST Manual).

An organization wishing to participate in the JUST Program must:
1. Create a new account with User Name, Email and Password.
2. Activate your account by linking to site provided by the Institute via a confirmation email.
3. Accept the terms and conditions of the JUST Program.
Once you have completed the registration process, you can begin to upload your organizational profile and preview the JUST website. Once you are ready to begin uploading data to the JUST website, you will need to submit a $100 USD registration fee.

1. Once officially registered, the organization can upload to the JUST Program all of the required information for each category and each indicator. The required information is referenced in the JUST Manual and on this website. Information must be complete in order to receive a label.
2. The Institute will permit organizations to opt out of a maximum of three indicators but only one indicator per category.
3. All information must be given in a non-personal format without directly identifying individuals and sensitive information and thereby respecting privacy and confidentiality.
4. The Institute will confirm if the submitted information merits a JUST Label and at what scores and will inform the organization accordingly. The organization may still choose to opt out at this point although registration fees are not refundable.

1. All information will be publicly viewable in non-editable format as a component of the JUST Program. Each JUST organization will have a listing on our database.
2. Prior to its posting on the JUST website, the organization will have the right to verify and sign off on the accuracy of the information.
3. Once the organization verifies the information, the Institute will post the organization’s JUST Label and complete information on its publicly viewable database.

1. The JUST Label does not constitute an endorsement, verification, or certification from the Institute and cannot be marketed or communicated as such.
2. Organizations can use the JUST Label on their website or marketing to demonstrate their commitment to these issues. See our marketing and branding guidelines in the appendix of the JUST Manual for more information. For example – the organization may not in any way modify the label provided – changing information or proportions.
3. ILFI reserves the right to revoke the posting or use of the JUST Label by any organization at any time for any reason