EcoAmmo Sustainable Consulting (2017) Inc.

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EcoAmmo is a sustainable building consulting firm whose purpose is to Transition the World Towards Sustainability. Our niche is at the intersection of Lean and green; we are a company dedicated to continuous improvement and work hard to effectively transition the world towards sustainability! The intention and impact are to lower the costs associated with sustainability; removing barriers to uptake and implementation. Over the course of 12 years, EcoAmmo has had a large impact on our community with a small team of 7 people. Since 2006, EcoAmmo has successfully managed green building projects throughout Western Canada. In total, EcoAmmo has certified over 70 Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) projects across Canada, including over 30% of the LEED projects in the Edmonton area alone! LEED is only part of how we are transitioning the world towards sustainability. We also work with WELL, Living Building Challenge, Zero Carbon, Passive House, Green Globes, BOMA BEST, BUILT GREEN, and EnerGuide to name a few. EcoAmmo is on the leading edge of sustainable and high-performance building design and construction.

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101, 2003 91st SW
Edmonton, AB T6X0W8

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