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evolveEA is a design and concept firm focused on the intersection between built environment and sustainability. We shape places, processes, and systems that benefit people, the environment and the economy. Since our inception in 2004, we have been working to implement these ideas through our impact areas: Design for Smarter Living, Urban Strategies, Social Engagement, Organizational Strategy, Buildings in Design and Building Operations. We have worked with communities and organizations to transform their neighborhoods and places through a combination of award winning urban and architectural design and a creative and customized approach to civic engagement. These “two legs of a stool” form the basis of our practice along with the third leg—environmental sustainability. Sustainability is not simply a “green” overlay—it has the potential to change the way communities form and are sustained and is critical to long term resiliency. Our multidisciplinary team has been trained in urban design, architecture, communications design, business, economics, and even social psychology. It gives us a unique and comprehensive approach to design and the built environment.

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