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Macro Design Studio is a dynamic company with experienced professionals able to assist partners along the certification process according to the main national and international rating systems: LEED®, Living Building Challenge™, WELL®, Fitwel, BREEAM®, GBC and Itaca. Vision. The impact of buildings and products on the environment is significant and the compromise between the environmental, social and economic spheres (triple bottom line) is no longer sufficient. An innovative approach is needed for new constructions and renovations in order to repair the damage done on the environment for the benefit of future generations. Mission. Macro Design Studio was born in 2012 with the intention to provide a holistic sustainability consulting service with the goal to go beyond the triple bottom line and to guide clients, designers and companies to a new idea of products, buildings, and communities with positive impact on the environment. Macro Design Studio provides consulting services in the field of sustainability with the aim to go beyond the mere compromise between the environmental, social and economic spheres.

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