P2S Inc.

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P2S is a consulting engineering and commissioning firm committed to innovative designs, sustainable solutions and exceptional services for clients. We design high-performance building systems and central plants that reduce operating costs while providing quality indoor environmental conditions and optimal user comfort. As part of our commissioning practice, P2S ensures optimum performance for new and existing buildings. Our mission is to design a better future, every day. We inspire staff to design sustainable solutions for our clients. We give back to the communities we live and work in. We embrace collaboration and innovation as the dual pillars that sustain everything we do. And we’re always imagining what comes next. Our elite team of 180+ engineers and technical staff can find the best solution for even the most challenging problems.

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Service Provider

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9665 Chesapeake Dr, Ste 230
San Diego, CA 92123
United States


5000 E Spring Street
8th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90815
United States

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