Group14 Engineering, Inc.

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Group14 Engineering, Inc. is a consulting firm committed to improving the energy and resource efficiency of buildings and building products. Group14 is a recognized authority in sustainable design and energy efficiency, the evaluation of environmentally-appropriate technologies, building commissioning and energy audits, and LEED project management. We offer a unique combination of in-depth energy modeling and design assistance skills and hands-on commissioning and energy auditing expertise. Group14 performs 75% of its work in Colorado. Having been selected by Xcel Energy to provide energy design assistance in Colorado, we have worked on more than 75 projects locally (many of them LEED) over the past three years. Our Xcel energy design assistance has kept more than 10 MW off the grid – that’s enough to power nearly 10,000 houses for a year. Group14 is located in Denver, with projects across the United States. We have been in business since 1992. Group14 takes its name from the periodic table - Group 14 is the Carbon Group. The name represents the firm's focus on design guidance, field work, and engineering research to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Service Provider


1325 East 16th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
United States

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