Ashley McGraw Architects DPC

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We are a 30 year old firm, with the soul of a startup. Our team is energetic and passionate about design. We are flexible, agile, and non-hierarchical. We pride ourselves on being really easy to work with, leveraging our expertise to create something really special. For us, architecture is about people. When done well, it stirs up an emotional connection to a place and a glimpse into who we are, what we believe, what we value. It reaches beyond just designing buildings. Our architecture uses form, light, and material to create places where people feel valued, or focused, or inquisitive when we spend time there. Our architecture celebrates our humanity and makes us feel more connected to the world. Great architecture contributes to a just, sustainable, and equitable future. We believe that architecture is a tool for positive change, and we choose to lead by example.

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Service Provider


125 E Jefferson St
15th Fl
Syracuse, NY 13202
United States

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