Bruner/Cott & Associates

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Bruner/Cott & Associates was established in 1973 with a strong commitment to design excellence and to enhancing quality of life, economic vigor, and sense of community through thoughtful, sustainable design. The firm philosophy is rooted in the notion that appropriate and sensible design solutions derive from creative interpretation of place, program, and culture within the framework of environmental responsibility. At Bruner/Cott, architecture is a site-specific art rather than an imposed style, thoughtfully considering each project within the context of its mission and its values. The firm’s early work focused on the adaptation of 19th and 20th century buildings for groundbreaking affordable housing, arts and culture facilities, higher education offices, classrooms and student life facilities. Over the years their portfolio has grown to include award-winning new construction for a wide range of academic, residential, and cultural uses.

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Service Provider


225 Friend Street
Suite 701
Boston, MA 02114
United States

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