The Building Excellence Group

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The Building Excellence Group was set up to provide a one-stop shop for Clients looking to: Comply with higher energy efficiency standards (from H1 to Carbon Zero) Seek advice and improve the environmental performance of their building projects Achieve official certification to Green Star NZ, Homestar, NABERS NZ or other international green building programmes. Founded in 2015 as a response to increased demand for Green Buildings, Energy Efficiency requirements and Strategic Corporate Sustainability objectives, The Building Excellence Group is 100% kiwi-based, located in Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand is in a position of strength to address the issue of sustainability. A strong desire to succeed is emerging from Government, Industry, NGOs and Consumers, providing a fantastic opportunity to create a uniform drive towards a better future. The environmental benefits from building green are beyond dispute. It has been proven that green buildings deliver a suite of compelling economic and social benefits that conventional buildings do not.

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Service Provider


L3, Old Sofrana House
18 Customs St East
Auckland Auckland 1010
New Zealand

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