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WoodPecker European Timber Framing is a traditional Timber Framing company with an innovative slant, utilizing not only old world European joinery but also the most advanced new world engineered connections and techniques. Our craftsmen create anything from classic, old fashioned beauty, to the sleek, elegant lines of a modern post and beam structure. Employing European and North American timber framers, we bring a diversity of expertise to any project, commercial or residential, structural or ornamental. Offering more than just solid sawn wood products in a variety a species our team applies the latest in wood technology, handling and installing Glulam components, as well as CLT and NLT panels. WoodPecker goes beyond the cutting and erecting of timber frames, also offering design, draft, and consultation for our customers’ projects. In order to offer the most competitive service, we work with the most advanced machinery and power tools while still using hand tools and techniques to create a superior end product.

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