BranchPattern, Inc.

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BranchPattern, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm that exists for the purpose of Improving Life Through a Better Built Environment. Our experienced engineers are technically-capable and advanced designers who know how to make buildings work well. We are dedicated to delivering mechanical, electrical, plumbing and telecommunications systems for sustainable, high-performance buildings that work well for people. Since our founding in 1991, BranchPattern, Inc. has helped clients create buildings that promote health, comfort, energy-efficiency, and works in harmony with the environment. BranchPattern, Inc. does not provide a one-size-fits all approach. Each solution we provide is as unique as our clients.

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Service Provider

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2820 N. 48th Street
Lincoln, NE 68504
United States
717 17th Street
Suite 1500
Denver, CO 80202
United States
8040 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68114
United States
100 S. Commons
Suite 102
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
United States
2200 Victory Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219
United States
1160 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605
United States


7400 College Blvd, #150
Overland Park, KS 66210
United States

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